Journey into Motherhood

The Ultimate 12- month Membership to guide you through pregnancy to prepare you for life with your newborn baby.



Congratulations on your pregnancy!
I’d love to help you have a calm, confident & connected journey to motherhood!

Be the mother you want to be…

Not the mother others around you want you to be! 

Prepare yourself for motherhood…

Not just the pram, nursery and baby names…
But you need a plan for life with your newborn that will see you not only survive but thrive!

Set yourself up for breastfeeding…

Before your baby is born so you can meet your own personal breastfeeding goals & create a healthy breastmilk supply.

Find your guidance & support through this journey…

Non-judgemental support & guidance all new mothers deserve & need while saving you time
(sifting through information overwhelm) and trying to work out what is right for you and your baby!

Advocate for yourself!

Discover your choices ( believe it or not, you have so many ) follow your intuition and make choices that serve you and your baby!

Don’t allow others to lead you down the wrong path and end up with regret! 

Set yourself up for the best fourth trimester

with your newborn baby

Don’t leave it to chance… find the confidence, support and practical guidance you need to flourish in Motherhood!


Many newborn mothers take the journey into Motherhood with the hope that they will have a supportive community of people around them during this major life change, and unfortunately, many new mothers are often left feeling isolated, alone, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Many new mothers are seeking out information from blogs, social media and books which are amazing resources to source information from, however, it’s not personalised directly for you and often there is not a chance to ask questions and discuss some of the advice given. 

Why your journey will be different!


The Journey into Motherhood membership will support you to learn how to be the mother YOU want to be, while you find the confidence to make the right choices for you and your baby in pregnancy, birth & Motherhood – and discover the many hidden choices that are available to you! (which are often not given by health care professionals, family + friends).

You will be guided through the many different challenges that motherhood brings, making it easier for you to discover what is best for you and your baby through your journey to being the best mum you can be!

Save yourself time, money and the heartache of stress from turning to the wrong people for support + information…this program really takes the hassle out of trying to navigate motherhood alone! 

You will feel calm, confident and connected on your motherhood journey – just the way mother nature intended this journey to be! x

Hi, I am Ashley!

I am a wife and a mama to two beautiful little girls. Motherhood has completely changed my life and I absolutely love it!
I  empower new mothers who want to overcome exhaustion, overwhelm and isolation.

I am so blessed to be able to support newborn mothers during one of the most vulnerable times of a mothers journey.  To provide mothers with a safe, non-judgemental space to grow into Motherhood the way she feels is right for her and her baby.

When I first became a mama, I thought I had to be perfect. I tried to follow the examples I saw on blogs, in magazines and on TV. I finally realised that the best mum is not perfect, but a mama who loves herself and her child and does what she knows is best for her family.

I now support mothers just like you to have a peaceful postpartum, be prepared, find support, be nurtured, loved and find the circle of support all newborn mothers need & deserve.

Welcome to The Motherhood Circle – I am so grateful you have joined us!

Introducing the… 

The Journey into Motherhood is an online membership designed exclusively for pregnant women wanting to give themselves the best chance to have a calm, confident and connected Motherhood with their newborn baby.


The Journey into Motherhood has been lovingly designed by Ashley Winning – Founder of The Motherhood Circle, trained Postpartum Professional & Motherhood Guide.  With the experience of two postpartum’s of my own, I share my own wisdom as a mother as well as a postpartum professional to guide you to be the best mum you can be, ready for your newborn baby.


6 Modules

  • Module 1 – Birth 
  • Module 2 – Breastfeeding
  • Module 3 – Sleep
  • Module 4 – Mothers Intuition
  • Module 5 – Motherhood Transformation
  • Module 6 – Build Your Circle of Support

Delivered to you in our membership site & easy for you to access at any time! (Including those late night feeds while you are up with baby!)

PLUS – Each month a new video, workbook, affirmations, tools and resources will be added!! 

You will receive access to videos, Workbooks, checklists and other goodies! 

Connection + Community!

Motherhood can be isolating and lonely which is why connection + community is at the top of what is provided for you in this program. 

No mother is left alone and you will always have someone to connect with, talk to, laugh with and cry with.  In this safe community, you may find you make life long friends with other like-minded mamas! 

PLUS – You will always have access + support from Ashley – Your Guide (And biggest support!)

Monthly Group Coaching

Each month we will come together in a monthly group call and you will have a chance to connect in our mother’s circle.  Each mother will have a chance to speak, be heard and honoured.  

You can ask questions about any challenges you going through or just vent about what’s going on in your life.  Motherhood is a flow of up’s and downs and you will never be alone in this journey! 

Expert Guest + Live Q & A's

As you will be with us for 12 months and to keep it interesting as you grow in your motherhood journey I will invite amazing expert speakers to join us and talk about topics you are interested in!  

Think baby wearing, baby nutrition (as your baby start eating food), baby developmental changes, your mindset (self – care/ love), relationship changes. 

I will also from time to time run live Q & A’s in our private Facebook Group to stay connected with you and share any evidence-based recourses that may be of interest to you!  Motherhood and baby care is a constantly changing game and I want you to be in with the know! 

What People Are Saying

” Ashley is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and kind-hearted. I am so grateful to have her in my mama tribe.

I feel like I can talk to her about literally anything and she holds space with complete love and compassion.”


Mum of two

” I have loved having Ash around as a part of my online village. Sharing motherhood together, milestones, challenges and triumphs.

She is both professional and approachable and a wealth of knowledge for new mums. I know the future will hold great things.”


Mama of one

” I had really positive experience today, thanks to my ongoing coaching from Ashley and the training module on breastfeeding.

I am feeling really well educated on the subject and my options and my own breastfeeding plan “


Pregnant with first baby




I know that pregnancy can be such an overwhelming and tiring time, with keeping that in mind I have provded bite sized videos for you to watch at your own leisure.  Snuggle up on the couch and watch on  your phone, ipad or smart tv!  

Think of this as “Motherhood Netflix”  – a library of videos on demand for you to watch any time of the day that will help you plan for your peaceful postpartum with your newborn baby!!

Each month brand new video content, workbooks & resources will be added so you will have a constant flow of new, relevant content to grow with you throughout Motherhood!

Module 1 - Birth

You will discover many birth resources that can support you to have a positive birth. 
Understand how the birthing system works and how to plan for the birth that YOU want!

Your Motherhood Journey starts with birth, which is why I help you plan for a more positive birth. 

Module 2 - Breastfeeding

 You will learn how to create a healthy breastmilk supply and set your own personal breastfeeding goals with your newborn baby. 

Breastfeeding is natural – but it doesn’t always come naturally and is a learned skill for both mother & baby. 

Module 3 - Sleep

Sleep is important for both parents and baby – and I step you through what normal sleep looks like as well as ways to get more sleep and quality sleep.  

You will find more information out on sleep deprivation and what it is as well as how to not just survive but thrive through one of the biggest sleep transitions you will face. 

Module 4 - Mothers Intuition

Mothers Intuition is something that all mothers have. 

Learning to tune into it and learn to harness the power as well as feel confident backing yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do as a new mother. 

You will find out how to be the mother YOU want to be (and not the one others want you to be!). 

Module 5 - Motherhood Transformation

Discover all those wonderful things about motherhood that your friends haven’t told you!! 

So many physical and mental changes happen to your body through the transition of pregnancy, birth & motherhood. 

You will learn what is normal (so you don’t have to worry that you are not normal!).

Module 6 - Build Your Circle of Support

Many newborn mothers experience isolation and feeling lonely.  

You will learn how to identify who is currently in your circle and how you can get them to really support you through this transition into motherhood. 

As well as continue to build your circle of support. 

“By the time your 12 – month journey with us ends, you will have the confidence to mother your way and have the strong foundations to continue to grow on your motherhood journey –  to be the best mum you can be.”

Ashley, creator of Journey into Motherhood

This All Sounds Great But…

Who is the Journey into Motherhood for?

The Journey into Motherhood is specifically designed for pregnant mamas- to – be and newborn mothers (mothers with newborn babies) who want to be supported in their motherhood journey, to feel calm and confident to be the best mother they can be. 

To get the full benefit of preparing for your birth and fourth trimester with your baby, I would recommend this course for mothers in the end of second trimester to third trimester of pregnancy.  But of course the supportive community, content and monthly group calls would suit a new mother with her baby who wants connection in a safe space! 

Can I join if I have had my baby?

Yes, absolutely!  This program is designed to support newborn mothers up to the first year of life with a baby. 

Why not just join a free mums group?

There are plenty of free mothers groups around, especially on Facebook. This program and support group is made for women who want to feel safe, private in a smaller circle of mothers where you can find deep + lasting connections with like-minded mothers on a similar journey. 

This program will allow space for you to truly talk about the topics that matter in motherhood the most (sometimes they can be too raw to discuss in a group of thousands of strangers). Plus you will have the Guidance of Ashley – Motherhood Guide (Founder of The Motherhood Circle). 


How do I access the online program?

When you become a member of our amazing community you will receive access to our membership site, as well as access to our Facebook Group!  You can log in at any time for support or watch any content that you feel drawn to at the time! 

What if I don't like the program?

The most important thing to me is that you receive value from this program – and with that, I offer a 7-day money back satisfaction guarantee!  All you need to do is send me an email within the 7 – day for a full refund of your purchase! 

What is so special about Journey into Motherhood?

The Journey into Motherhood is a one of a kind 12 – month program that supports you through one of the most life-changing times of your life.  You will find connection from like-minded mothers who get you and understand your journey in a safe circle of support. 

You will also have access to baby and motherhood experts throughout the program meaning you will be supported as you and your baby grow as well as monthly group calls, Facebook Lives and support from Ashley – Motherhood Guide + Postpartum Doula. 

This program is a full circle of support making sure you are never isolated, lonely or unsure of your choices or who to turn to when and if you need it! 

Does it matter if I am a first or second time mother?

No!  This program is designed to support all mothers, no matter what number baby you are having.  Each baby you have will be an entirely different experience and each baby brings new challenges as well as growing as a mother. 

Maybe you had your first baby a long time ago or maybe this time around you want support to achieve some goals you didn’t feel supported in with your first baby (like breastfeeding or advocating for certain things)? 

Is the Journey into Motherhood Program always open to enrol into?

No.  Unfortunately, the program will only open up a few times per year to allow the connection of mothers in our circle already.  This also allows me, Ashley to connect with each and every one of the mothers in our circle and get to know you!

7 – Day Money Back Guarantee 

I believe in my program Journey into Motherhood so much and I want you to be sure this is the right investment for you!

 I am offering you a 7 – day money back guarantee. 

If you don’t 100% love this program, you can get a full refund within 7 – days of signing up to the program! 

Have a question and want to connect with me to find out more about the program or if it is the right fit for you?

Or even discuss a different payment plan option? 

No worries, book in a call with me to discuss any of your concerns! Send a quick email to and let’s connect!

Ashley x

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